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    "And to avoid confusion between us, from now on I won't call you Vuong Han, but directly call you brother!"

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    And Wang Han's words immediately made teacher Shuren angry and said: "Do you really want to disagree with this request of ours?"

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    Hey, it's not that I've never thought about it, in fact I was also like that before, but after meeting you, I feel like this kind of thing is really not interesting. Lan Ninh Tieu Hi said seriously: "I already thought that your strength in the Void Sea must have been very strong before, at least you can come out of the Void Sea Void Animal Breeding cabin, in other words your strength Yours is definitely the most terrifying existence in the Void Sea, so in this case, you don't say you are complacent, you constantly move forward, it is because of that, you can reach this world. world outside the virtual sea! What about us? Right now we don't say yes. The family, that is, the position of the entire human nation is definitely not as strong as you alone in the past, so in case Look, we are still complacent and constantly scheming, this is very ridiculous, there are more powerful things out there, but our narrow-mindedness does not dare to overcome them all..."

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    Ha ha ha, it's okay, it's okay, I think your name Lan Ninh Vuong Han is very good!

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    Chef? Lanning Xiaoxi didn't understand what Wang Han meant at first, but she laughed when she had a general idea of what a chef was. "Of course there are, you can also call them chefs, but none of them are in restaurants now, they are all at home or in some association, and they are making efforts to research new methods." method of stacking the origin of dishes, when he finds a good method and tries it better, he can make a lot of money."

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    Alright! Then I understand. The souls I devoured in the past were pure and simple soul origins, that kind of mindless object... Wang Han couldn't help but think carefully, Lan Ning Xiaoxi said Not a problem. Whether it is the rebirth talent of the elves or this type of elemental talent, the a-3 stacked element quality after absorbing is the soul essence, even if it is the golden fire of the black fire group, it is still simple. Simple addition, just strength. of the soul, so the black fire also knows it has no way to transform the thoughts originating deep within the soul, so it will directly burn those thoughts, thoughts about directly destroying destroy thoughts, which cause black fire Bad influence.

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    It's like this! It's just a joke. It has something to do with my cousin. Isn't he a very powerful person? He invited a few of his friends last year or the year before to start a business, but besides that, you should also understand that bragging about the first place, my cousin himself is also very good, then he lost a lot of his computing power after being in business for a year... As a result... As a result, you know what's the most interesting thing? Lanning Xiaoxi looked at Wang Han with bright eyes and bright teeth, her smile was bright as if she was talking about an outsider.

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    After this person said this sentence, the entire Phac Can Liet boiled in a short time, no one said clearly that such a thing would happen? It was like eating a delicious meal and suddenly hearing the news that Phac Xan Liet Academy had collapsed! You must know that this kind of thing could not happen from the beginning, even if the world was directly destroyed, it would not be possible! But now it just appeared like this, this man named Lanning Wang Han actually got an R-grade medal! Not everyone can receive an R-grade medal. There are too many individuals from states and counties who came to Zhanzheng University to win this R-grade medal! As a result, I don't have an R-rank medal here, but Lanning Wang Han actually has it! ?

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    "Alright!" Mi Qiyun and Mi Qixin quickly hung up the phone. Long distance calls were indeed very expensive. After hanging up the phone, the two of them finally breathed a sigh of relief.

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    "Think about it... This is my younger sister, their family doesn't lack computers, if someone else borrows a computer to do business and goes through such torture, I'm afraid they're all idiots." then right?" Lanning Xiaoxi bowed her head, her upbringing made her try not to show negative expressions to others. Although it's not necessary for Vuong Han, otherwise she wouldn't say that to Vuong Han, but she's still used to doing it." The most ironic thing is that after my cousin finished doing this, he still has to go to his house to deliver the computer with a smile... You can't stop smiling. If you don't smile, you have negative energy, and you will be beaten to death by Chi Xin."

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    teacher with horns on his head and a tail on his back nodded and said: "But there is one thing to say. The reason why this matter is making so much noise must have a background, otherwise it will follow the normal flow of time." , even though today a person with such a heinous crime was scolded, it seems like everyone wants to kill him, in a few days no one will remember, our students will focus on other things. It seems like jumping up and down makes people confused, but his story has been going on for several days, right, this story is talked about every day, scolded every day, no one ever comes forward. The foul language fell directly on King Lanning's head."

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    Wang Han also looked at it according to normal logic, he did not believe in some of the things that appeared in some of Lan Ning Xiaoxi's sayings. We all must have reason and logic, even Lanning Xiaoxi's father cannot do this. is the case, then the problem could be really unusual.

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    Pss! 398 points! Not to mention the others, Vuong Han himself was also shocked, "The first time I got 1 point, the second time 30 points, the third time 90 points, this time nearly 400 points. Point! This 400 point calculation ability has surpassed Lanning Xiaoxi's father in a sense. What is her father's calculation ability? Only 280 points? And his father seems to be an SR level existence! So, calculation ability My math right now is completely beyond the computing power that sr will have? So are r level, s level and sr level tests really difficult? If not, I will polish it for another month, and then try this to evaluate the R level medal? On the one hand, let's see what's going on with the evaluation of this medal, on the other hand, if I can achieve the R level medal, it's most intending to be excellent to me, so Lan Ning Xiaoxi's father gradually became afraid that he would not dare to do anything to me."

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    This time is different, after all he has been cultivating for a month!

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    Just want to say how special this ruin is? Vuong Han and Manh Manh were both unclear. They could only say that they went here first, and after arriving at the ruins, they carefully considered the situation.

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    Just like what Lanning Xiaoxi said, this feeling has no reason and cannot be explained, but it makes people feel the joy of turning around in a certain moment.

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    He picked up the halberd that had been condensed at will, and directly picked up the steel needle flying towards him.

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    “Ha ha!” The man laughed with satisfaction, also indicating that the security guard behind him could leave. The security guard packed up the broken box and took it away, allowing the man to comfortably squat on the little girl in front of the boy. "Do you really have no regrets? He was born a loser."

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    Such a waste still wants to marry his disciple?

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    Bo Tuo watched a few people leave, his face slightly distorted.

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    Thinking of this, it seems like something is wrong, "The courtyard was probably discovered long ago, the reason it wasn't attacked, maybe because the Valkyrie named Encore was inside, or my master was sit guarding the ruins, so they wouldn't have the guts to go into the ruins? But the courtyard has not been seen for more than ten years, could it be that something happened in the courtyard? An Khac is not there? Or is it the owner of the temple? I don't have it either?"

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    Tieu Hi, you go out first, I will check Vuong Han's body one last time, see if there are any mistakes in the coordination, then let him go for you, then you can rest assured, the current situation is still okay. is very convenient. The man smiled and said: "Of course you can choose to stay. After all, from what I see now, this person's body is quite strong."

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    "Do not!" Bo Da heard his brother say so, now his old face has many wrinkles, it's really uncomfortable, he thought Vuong Han on this side could win, but Ly Lo Nguyen on his side was direct. slapped him hard. , I heard that you want Vuong Han to win this match directly? Have you ever asked me about Li Luyuan? Then I felt a little annoyed, "This Lanning Wang Han is still a really good person, if he wins this match, I definitely have nothing to worry about, and he won't come here to find fault." with me." But Li, Luyuan is different. After this time, he can continue to take advantage of me in the future. What if I not only have to face this Lanning Wang Han, but also Lanning Xiaoxi? What to do? I heard that Lanning Xiaoxi is also a very strong character! And this Lanning Xiaoxi is the daughter of that man on the bright side! A positive challenge for someone with this status, then Lanning Xiaoxi Xie herself doesn't have a very good temper, otherwise, I will kick Go west to meet you!”

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    “Master is right, I can also understand.” Manh Manh nodded, then smiled shyly, “Actually, I also have a similar feeling, that is, staying in the ruins for so long, I can even see monsters. It will feel a bit fragile, not to mention the inky blue gray sky outside Thien An. When I first came from Van Co Tri, I thought this place was hell, but compared to the ruins of the holy land, this place like a paradise, sometimes there is a wind that can blow away the dust on the ground, the feeling of wind passing through my bones is really not normal comfort, even It makes me feel alive! "

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    The key is that other people don't care about this kind of thing at all, he didn't even come forward to explain, obviously he is also an old man, painting it darker and darker is not good, anyway, let's Resolve it coldly. Contemplate with others whether they don't want it every day. After cultivating, do you need to earn computing power in daily life? After a period of at most half a year, you will completely forget about it, and even if he really is a coward, no one will remember it. The tree teacher said, "After that, I thought about this kind of person and decided not to go to him. There is no way for someone like him to do such an earth-shattering thing, he is like As someone said, he is a turtle with his head withdrawn, only knows how to mutter behind his back. When something really happens, he doesn't have the slightest courage, and can only curl up in his room, not daring to move. "